Collaboration Toolkit: Work faster together on your emails

Mailjet helps you work faster, together with a toolkit of innovative features designed for teams to collaborate effectively on email. Control what each member of your team can do, save time by avoiding the tedious back & forth on template building, and much more for you to discover. Mailjet is here to help you simplify teamwork and accelerate decision making.

Mailgun's email editor and collaboration feature allowing for an agile design process.

Manage your team and control user permissions

Fine tune what each of your team members can see, edit, or publish with an advanced permission system.

Mailjet's user permissions feature allows for cohesive design.
An email creation along with the collaboration feature to build better and send smarter.

Work together in real-time on email templates

Work together in real-time to design your emails, add comments directly to individual content blocks (e.g. text, image, button, etc.) and stop wasting time in an endless back and forth to get the changes done. Write new content to go from brainstorm to finished template faster than ever.

Track changes and easily manage templates

Easily search, sort, label and manage all your email templates in our advanced template gallery. Find and restore old versions of a template to ensure great content is never lost, and update specific sections on all your templates in one click with linked sections. Need to track all changes made to your templates or campaigns in Mailjet? Activity logs help you uncover who was involved in every modification!

Mailjet's template gallery for efficient workflows.
Illustration of a publication request

Ensure your brand is protected and all emails sent are approved

Make sure your emails are always brand aligned by locking the style and/or content of specific sections. Ensure all emails sent are approved by a manager by restricting users from publishing without permission.


Never waste time again.

Advanced features to help you manage your tasks and team worldwide.
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